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Bioenterprise Corporation

Offers a suite of business services to agri-technology based companies, bringing to the table a wealth of scientific and technical expertise, industry knowledge, business savvy and connections that span the globe.

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Logo: OIP

Oilseed Innovation Partners

Maximizes new bioscience opportunities for Canadian oilseeds by assisting researchers, industry, producers and policy makers. Enables businesses to expand into different categories, markets or products.

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Logo: Ontario Agri-Food Technologies

Ontario Agri-Food Technologies

Deploys business-to-business market retention and expansion by proactively supporting and coordinating research, development and commercialization of new agri-food technologies in Ontario.


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Logo: Livestock Research Innovation Corporation

Livestock Research Innovation Corporation

Focuses on livestock and poultry research in Ontario while providing a single portal for channeling research investments, connecting with investigators and accessing the latest findings. Knowledge through networks and partnerships.

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Simplify your regulatory strategy with the AgRegKit — a guide to Canada’s agri-business regulations.

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